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Waiheke Wine Tours – Discover New Zealand’s Finest Wines

Waiheke Wine Tours – Discover New Zealand’s Finest Wines

If you love wine and life at its best, then Waiheke wine tour is the perfect way to experience the magic. The Waiheke area in Waiheke Island, New Zealand is known for its natural beauty and rich culture. You will be awed by the history and lifestyle of local winemakers, the native flora and fauna, and the scenic views of this unique part of the Waiheke Island. Enjoy a private tasting tour of local boutique wines, accompanied by cultural & historic information. It’s a winery tour that’s unlike any other!

Waiheke Island boasts some of New Zealand’s finest vineyards – including Waiheke Island’s Waiheke Estate, Waiheke Pinotage Estate, Waiheke Zen Estate, Waiheke Karner and Waiheke Brown Estate. With extensive wine production, Waiheke Estate focuses on growing high-quality, low-alcohol and gluten-free white and red wine varieties. We offer a selection of personalised private Waiheke wine tour, complete with tastings and information about our different varieties of wine, along with helpful staff.

Waiheke Private Wine Tasting Tour: A fun and relaxing way to experience Waiheke Island and the Waiheke wineries. Our private wine tasting tours are led by professional and experienced staff from the Waiheke winery. Each day you will meet and greet fellow wine connoisseurs while sampling delicious New Zealand wine from award-winning estates. This is a fun and educational way to learn about the best of Waiheke Island. Plus, when you’re done tasting wine, you’ll get a certificate for an additional fee!

Waiheke Private Wine Tasting Tour of Waiheke Castle: Explore the rich history of Waiheke Castle, a World Heritage Site that has been designated a World Heritage Site. This award-winning historic property is located on the Waiheke Peninsula in the Hauraki Gulf. Take a two-hour private Waiheke wine tour of this captivating property. Meander through the historic castle courtyard, where you’ll be surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Waiheke Winery Tour: This guided tour is perfect for people who want to tour the entire Waiheke Island area. You’ll travel by air to Waiheke, pick up your tasting tickets and wine, and travel back by land to the Waiheke Castle. The guided tour guide will take you through the fascinating history of this historic site, including examples of the Waiheke wine making process and the Waiheke Castle.

Waiheke Island Wine Train: This tasting trip departs from Waiheke and takes about two hours. Passengers will experience an up-close look at the Waiheke wineries by way of a one-of-a-kind wine train. Passengers will be ushered onboard and taken on a scenic train ride through Waiheke. You’ll then arrive at the Waiheke castle, where you’ll have the opportunity to tour the grounds, which are filled with ancient statues and other Waiheke Castle artifacts. If you’ve never tried Waiheke Island Wines, this is a great way to get started!

Waiheke Island Rowing Club’s Waiheke Wine Tasting Day: This annual event draws a crowd. Every day, from March until May, you can enjoy an afternoon of live wine tastings followed by a picnic and a barbecue. Waiheke is known as New Zealand’s Wort Waster. In the Waiheke Island area, there are many small wineries that produce a variety of wines made solely from local grapes, such as Merlotte. Waiheke Island’s Wine Club has been hosting these events for years and will continue to do so in the future.

These are just some of the tours available in your area. Waiheke is a unique and scenic island, and it only gets more special as you learn more about it. By taking a Waiheke wine tour, you’ll soon discover why people all over the world travel there every day to taste Waiheke’s amazing wines. These tours by Waiheke Wine Tours give you the opportunity to experience the island’s natural beauty, while enjoying a great evening of fine wine along the way!