Enjoy a Waiheke Island Wine Tour With You Loved Ones

Enjoy a Waiheke Island Wine Tour With You Loved Ones

Traveling by car rental to Waiheke Island is a must if you are touring New Zealand’s North Island for a day or two. Getting around Waiheke Island is easy – the ferry system is very reliable, and there are plenty of stops along the way to choose from to get out and about. The Waiheke Island car hire companies also offer airport transfers from the main airport in Christchurch, so you won’t have to worry about wasting precious time driving around the island, especially if you’ve booked a Waiheke Island wine tour package that includes plane travel and land transportation.

There are many wineries on Waiheke Island, making it one of the most popular places to visit in the North Island of New Zealand. Getting around Waiheke Island wine tour If you’ve booked a Waiheke Island winery tour, it usually includes a free round trip ferry ride so you can easily get around the island. Many ferry rides to pick up passengers at the Fifth Street Ferry Station, which is located just across the water from Waiheke Island’s main shopping area. This is one of the few places on New Zealand’s North Island that has a modern airport, and even has a bus station. Many of the town’s shops and restaurants also line the ferries, providing a great view of Waiheke Island and its surrounding area. Once you arrive on board a ferry, you can enjoy unlimited access to Waiheke Island’s wonderful restaurants and wineries while exploring the natural landscape and coastal areas.

But what you’ll really want to do while in Waiheke is to experience all of the different aspects of the unique Waiheke Island. While on a Waiheke Island wine tasting tour, you may choose to stop by the Waiheke Island Vineyards for a day of shopping and mingling with local residents. During your travels you may also take time to check out the Waiheke Island Creamery & Wine Estate for a tasting of award winning Waiheke Island vineyards goods. If you prefer a quieter trip, stop by the Waiheke Island Adventure Park for some fun activities including water skiing, sky diving, rollerblading, and more. Waiheke Island’s largest indoor beach is also available for rentals and visitors to use.

While you’re on Waiheke Island, you should also make plans to visit the Waiheke Island caves. These are one of the most popular stops on any Waiheke Island wine tours, and the caves themselves are a fantastic way to experience Waiheke’s natural beauty. There are several Waiheke Island tours that include a cave tour; however, a guided trip to the caves is among the most popular of Waiheke Island experiences. At this point, it is important to note that no matter which Waiheke Island wine tour you select, the prices will be similar. The primary difference may be the length of your stay on Waiheke Island.

When you arrive in Waiheke Island, you’ll find Waiheke’s main shops and restaurants. Waiheke Island is home to many local wineries and restaurants. The selection of Waiheke Island wines is vast, and you are sure to find something you enjoy. One of Waiheke’s most popular Waiheke Island wines is the Waiheke Island Pinot Noir. Wines from Waiheke Island are widely known for being bold and delicious. This is definitely one of the most popular Waiheke Island wines on offer.

As part of your Waiheke Island winery tour, you’ll likely visit the winery either early in the morning or late at night, but never on a rainy day. Waiheke Island is well known for its rainforest, making it an undesirable place to have a tasting room. Your best bet to avoid the crowds is to choose a day when you are scheduled to visit the winery prior to it being packed.

Waiheke’s wineries also offer boat cruises. Typically, the wineries of Waiheke Island are sailing daily between Tahiti and Waiheke Island. During your cruise, you’ll hear incredible stories about the wineries of Waiheke Island. One story involves how a rich French couple donated millions of dollars to help fund the original Waiheke Island ferry. Another popular ferry ride is during sunset, as the ferry makes its way out towards Tonga. While on this ferry ride, don’t be afraid to stop off at different restaurants to get a taste of local fare.

The island ferry ride ends at Kaitaia, where the wineries open their doors for you to Waiheke Island wine tour. Kaitaia is the most populated area of Waiheke Island, but do not be afraid to venture further afield. Kauai’s vast shoreline makes it an ideal destination for a beach side vacation in New Zealand. Check out Waiheke Wine Tours for various options you can have!

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